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BMW M3 Touring teaser video shows how the Super Wagon is built

It’s June and you know what that means, we’ve finally entered the month when BMW will unveil the M3 Touring. Unlike the E46 concept of 22 years ago, the G81 will be sold to the public. Even though the super wagon won’t celebrate its official debut until the Goodwood Festival of Speed, pre-production is already well underway.

A new teaser video goes behind the scenes of the Munich factory in Germany where the M3 Touring has taken up residence. The body shop has no less than 1,200 robots that assemble no less than 400 individual parts into a single body by applying 6,000 spot welds using approximately 80 meters of adhesive joints. Although we’ve seen our fair share of footage from a car factory, it’s still fascinating to see how the robots do the hard work.

Each pre-production car undergoes an additional 1,700 measurements to ensure optimum body geometry. It’s fascinating to see the car being put together panel by panel. The paint shop has its work cut out since approximately 950 bodies are sent there daily. The M3 Touring featured in the video has its body inspected by hand.

BMW also shows how the carbon bucket seats are put together, with the M3 logo illuminated below the head restraints. We then observe the so-called marriage, which is a term used in the industry for when the powertrain meets the body. The German luxury brand points out that this is the hardest part of the whole assembly process.

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The fast wagon then received the M-specific front and rear bumpers along with the vintage Motorsport logo to mark 50 years of the M division. also on M performance cars. The last step in the assembly process is to install the wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires.

After about eight hours, the M3 Touring in an Individual Frozen Black metallic paint then enters the next phase by receiving the necessary headlight and chassis adjustments. The straight-six engine is then turned on when the car is placed on a roller test bench where brakes, gears and acceleration are monitored. The final task is to completely camouflage the car before leaving for further testing.

Compared to previous teasers showing the interior of the G81, you can tell that this is a prototype closer to production since it has iDrive 8. It has already been installed on the 3-series LCI and on the i3 sedan available in China.

The last part of the video alludes to a quick lap around the Nürburgring, leading us to believe that the M3 Touring will be crowned as the fastest production wagon around the Green Hell.

Source: BMW M / YouTube