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Disgusting TikTok video shows user popping cyst on raw meat

A video has gone viral of a user popping a cyst on a raw pork chop, and users are disgusted by one saying, “time to go vegan!”


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A disgusting clip that now has almost 16 million views shows user Amy McLendon squeezing a white bump into a piece of raw meat while white cat oozes out.

“It was a cyst that the cow had that went unnoticed. slaughterhouses don’t care about the disease of the animal,” one user said.

“Meat is one of the biggest carcinogens in the world. Is that really a surprise?” said another.

However, some users said that finding a cyst in meat is normal. Eh??

“Poor quality meat often comes from cows that have had cancer,” said one. “It’s a cyst. Very common.”

“He’s a gland mate,” wrote another. “There are a few and always in the same place depending on fat coverage, size, etc., you have to cut them.”

“I am a butcher. It’s an abscess,” another added. “Just cut it off and the rest of the ribs are good.”

An abscess is a pocket of pus in living tissue and is often caused by an infected wound. This should not be eaten. It shouldn’t be normal to find these things in our food or to have to cut out these parts. A plant-based diet is the best thing for your body, the planet and animals.

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