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Entertaining video shows Elden Ring players playing as the Godskin duo

Ring of Elden fans have proven to be incredibly passionate, and while that love is often shown outside of the game through fan art and lore videos, others have used the game’s multiplayer to pay tribute to certain characters. Although this resulted in several funny messages like Ring of Elden‘s Big Maliketh, it has also inspired some players to fully become certain characters through serious cosplay attempts.

Some Ring of Elden fans dressed up as basic enemies to fool the invaders, though others fully became the game’s bosses. By cosplaying as Ring of Elden boss is pretty entertaining on its own, it’s even more fun when two players work together to portray a pair of bosses. That’s exactly what Reddit user Mini_B3ast and their friend did, with the two Ternish portraying the Godskin Duo and entering into a PvP encounter.


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The two members of Ring of Elden the fanbase nailed their portrayal of their chosen Godskin character, as Mini_B3ast’s Apostle was slightly taller and their friend’s Noble was bulkier. However, what makes their performances so special is the fact that they went out of their way to fight and move like the Godskin Duo. Not only did they attack their enemy one by one, but the Godskin Apostle cosplayer just walked instead of running. Plus, their partner made sure they were overloaded.

Throughout the fight, Mini-B3ast uses signature Godskin Apostle spells, using Black Flame protection to strengthen himself and launching balls of Black Flame at the invader. They also use the Godskin Peeler for melee combat, ensuring every part of their build is as accurate as possible. The best part of the clip sees their ally roll over the invader, just like the Godskin Noble is known to do in the real boss fight, using an ability to mimic the unique maneuver.

Eventually, this hilarious fight comes to an end, although it does have a bit of a tragic conclusion. As the fake Godskin Duo are victorious, the Noble accidentally strikes and kills the Apostle, killing his friend along with the invader. They use a gesture to show how sorry they are for the mistake, which is an unforgettable conclusion to an already special PvP interaction. Unsurprisingly, the Ring of Elden The community loved the clip, giving it over 7,000 upvotes so far.

Although there have certainly been some intimidating players in Ring of Elden‘s PvP, the person facing this Godskin Duo was probably terrified. Considering this couple created a tough boss fight in the actual game, having two players bring it to PvP is a lot of fun – at least for those who don’t have to fight both cosplayers.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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