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Hilarious video from The Last of Us shows Ellie being ‘mean’ to Joel

The last of us is full of incredible moments, and one of the best occurs when Ellie becomes playable following a serious injury to Joel. Recently, a clever fan of The last of us altered the moment when Joel is injured to blame Ellie for his injury, and the result is a clip that is both funny and shocking.

Obviously, that’s a far cry from what’s actually happening, as Ellie would never go out of her way to physically hurt Joel. Becoming more than just a protector along their journey, Joel turns into a father figure to Ellie, their bond being the reason the narrative works as well as it does. Normally, the scene takes place with Joel falling over a railing after a struggle with another survivor. He lands on the floor below, impaling himself on a metal rod. After passing out, Ellie is forced to survive on her own while keeping Joel alive.


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In Reddit user Maschwitzeano’s version of events, Ellie is the one pushing Joel and inflicting a near fatal injury. Instead of using a mod to achieve this, the Redditor combines two clips together. The push actually comes from the unforgettable birthday flashback in the last of us 2, with Ellie pushing Joel into some water below. Obviously, this edited video has a very different outcome, as the playful prank becomes attempted murder.

As Joel plunges into the water, the scene instantly cuts to his falling into The last of us, with a few smooth edits making the transition seamless. Going from Joel’s playful “woah” to his scream as he realizes how painful his injury is causes a jarring shift in tone, but it’s hard not to laugh at the absurdity of this “nasty” move from Ellie. While she clearly has a dark side and is capable of killing, this act of cruelty is a bit too much.

It is not the first time The last of us The community made fun montages of scenes from the games, as one fan turned a scene between Ellie and Jesse into a Disney Channel moment. Much like this edit, this one was well received, getting hundreds of upvotes and several comments that continue the joke. Others added that Joel shouldn’t have survived his injury from the first game, with many fans calling the moment unrealistic over the years.

With The last of us With the HBO series coming next year, and a remake of the original game supposedly also in the works, fans could see Joel impaled a lot in the future. However, Ellie surely won’t be the cause of the injury like she is in this silly clip.

The last of us is available now on PS3 and PS4.

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