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Hyderabad Murder Video Shows Nagaraju’s Wife Sulthana Leaving Alone to Fight Murderers

In a massive development, Republic Television accessed another video of the alleged honor killing in Hyderabad, where a Hindu man named Billapuram Nagaraju was allegedly murdered for marrying a Muslim woman in Saroornagar, Hyderabad on Wednesday night.

In the visuals, Nagaraju can be seen lying dead on the sidewalk of a busy road after being lynched. The deceased’s wife, Sulthana, was fighting alone with the two assailants believed to be her brothers, even after being injured. She tried to block the iron bar and knife with her bare hand to stop the attack but was pushed instead. More than 50 people and several vehicles were present at the scene and witnessed the shocking attack, but no one stepped forward to help the couple.

A deceased mother seeks justice for her son

The distraught family members of the deceased demanded justice for Nagaraju. The victim’s mother, while speaking to the media about the horrific murder, broke down and demanded harsh action against the culprit as her son was beaten to death. The family then arrived outside the Telangana police station and staged a protest, accusing his wife’s family of being behind the murder.

“You all make my heart burn. How many times do I have to say who killed my son? Bring me that person who killed my son. I’m not going to tell you anything more. I want my son back,” said the sobber. mother of the late Nagaraju.

According to the Telangana police, the deceased Billapuram Nagaraju (25) was intercepted by the assailants while riding his motorbike on Wednesday evening. He lost his life on the spot after the brutal lynching. Police have filed a complaint against the suspects, who have been identified as family members of the deceased’s wife. Two special teams had been formed to catch the accused, and they were arrested.

Horror in Hyderabad: Man allegedly murdered for interfaith marriage

According to Telangana Police, Billapuram Nagaraju had been in a relationship with Syed Ashrin Sulthana since their college days. The couple got married in January 2022, after which Sulthana converted to Hinduism and changed her name to Pallavi. The newly married couple were traveling together on bicycles when Nagaraju was attacked and killed, allegedly by the girl’s family.

Sreedhar Reddy, Assistant Commissioner of Police LB Nagar, speaking exclusively to Republic TV, said the murder was committed by the girl’s brother and brother-in-law.

“The boy was traveling by bicycle with his wife when he was killed by two people. He was attacked and killed by the girl’s brother and brother-in-law,” he said.

“The couple got married in January and moved here. The girl’s brother didn’t like her sister marrying someone of a different religion. He made a plan with his brother-in-law and followed the couple. They attacked the deceased with an iron bar and a knife. Then they fled, however, we caught the accused,” ACP Reddy told Republic TV. He further added that the two defendants will soon appear in court.