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IINA Video Player for macOS now supports OpenSubtitles, HDR, etc.

The IINA Video Player for macOS has been updated to version 1.3.0. This is the popular app’s first update in over a year.

What’s new in IINA 1.3.0

Last year, the app added native support for Apple Silicon chips. Today’s update for IINA improves it by adding support for HDR video playback on the MacBook M1 Pro and M1 Max models. You can toggle the option in the sidebar. When you play a file in QuickTime, it may update the Date Last Opened column in the Finder, but this metadata is often incorrect. IINA changes metadata correctly when you play a video or interact with it in the playlist.

If you set up a video loop using the AB Loop option, the media player displays an OSD (on-screen display) for a few seconds. But it didn’t show it when File Loop is toggled, but that changed with recent version, it shows an OSD to show you have repeat mode on.

The app’s home page, which appears every time you run it, now supports keyboard navigation. Previously, pressing the arrow keys on the start page would trigger videos in the recently played list. New controls allow you to select a specific video using the arrow keys. Once you highlight a video, press the return key to play it.

IINA now removes its animations when switching to and from fullscreen mode, as well as the swipe animation in the sidebar. For this to take effect, you will need to enable the Reduce Motion setting, if enabled under System Preferences > Accessibility > Display. It’s worth mentioning that there are other animations in the video player, and these will continue to play regardless of your preference choices. The app has acquired a feature to download subtitles from OpenSubtitles to stream videos. To use it, open the sidebar, switch to the subtitles tab and click the search online button. IINA will fetch a matching subtitle and display it during playback.

You can log in to your OpenSubtitles account from the IINA Preferences menu > Subtitles page. This is also where to set the default language for downloading subtitles.

Fixes in IINA 1.3.0

IINA again supports legacy fullscreen modes in macOS11 and later. You can use the player to stream videos directly from YouTube. Click the Open URL button, paste the link and click the Open button. The update fixes several issues, some of which caused memory leaks and some bugs that caused the app to crash.

IINA 1.3.0 Update

The new version of IINA is based on mpv 0.34.1, which is the latest stable version of the open source media player. The patch mitigates a security vulnerability in mpv, mentioned in CVE-2021-30145. The bug allegedly allowed attackers to execute code remotely through a specially crafted M3U playlist file. The update also replaces the FFmpeg version o 4.4.2.

The program’s built-in updater did not detect the new version, so I updated it manually. You can also do this by downloading IINA 1.3.0 from the project’s official website or GitHub page.

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IINA Video Player for macOS now supports OpenSubtitles, HDR, etc.

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IINA Video Player for macOS now supports OpenSubtitles, HDR, etc.

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The IINA 1.3.0 update has been released. This is the first update to the popular video player for macOS in over a year.




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