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Man shooting wife in 1930s video shows how bulletproof glass was tested

Woman Holds Bulletproof Glass Airplane As Husband Shoots At Her | Image Courtesy:


  • A viral video shows a man firing bullets at his wife to test bulletproof glass.
  • The vintage clip was shot in 1931 and documents an actual demonstration of bulletproof glass.
  • The very first patent for a safety glass was filed in 1909.

the Fall in confidence is a popular, long-established team building exercise that is proven to be less effective than claimed. So how about taking things up a notch and getting your partner to hold a glass plane while you shoot bullets at them?

What looks like a quirky couples therapy adaptation of Russian roulette was actually a way to test armored glass in the early 1930s – for real.

A vintage A video that has resurfaced on Reddit shows a man shooting his wife holding a glass in front of her face to test the bulletproof glass. She flinches, as each subsequent blow peppers the glass with more and more cracks but walks away unscathed.

Watch the viral video:

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What exactly is happening?

The black and white footage was shot in 1931, as reported on and documents a real display of bullet resistance. “In Toledo, Ohio, bulletproof glass withstands a 25-20 rifle. A man tests it by shooting his rifle while his wife holds the glass,” reads a description on the website.

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Bulletproof glass had officially existed for 22 years at the time, with the very first patent for safety glass having been filed in 1909 by French chemist Edouard Benedictus. He discovered it by accident (happy) after he inadvertently dropped a plastic covered cup. Benedictus found that the glass had only cracked, instead of shattering.

More evidence of madness

A demonstration of bulletproof glass by the NYPD Image courtesy of the Netherlands National Archives
A demonstration of bulletproof glass by the New York police | Image courtesy of the Dutch National Archives
The image above, courtesy of the Netherlands National Archives, shows a “bulletproof glass demonstration by the best rifleman in the New York police, 1931”, or around the same time as the man who shoots his wife.

This shows that the term “test” may in fact be a misnomer for this wild exercise carried out by skilled shooters, as their subjects had incredible confidence in them, or at least the protesters themselves. So a “demonstration” might be a more accurate description.

As for bulletproof glass, the term couldn’t be further from the truth. No glass is, technically speaking, bulletproof if hit hard enough and sometimes so-called safety glass isn’t even glass.

Bulletproof is the right way to describe it.

Today, there are several types of bulletproof glass, but solid acrylic sheet is the easiest to find next to traditional laminated glass.