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Otter Network launches cloud-based video production and distribution platform

AUSTIN, TX—Video production technology company Otter Network has launched two video content creation and management products, Director 2.0 and Teleport, which provide tools to produce, manage and distribute high-quality video at an affordable price via a single platform. – technology-driven full form.

“Today’s content creators, filmmakers, producers and branding teams all have one thing in common: the need for the highest quality, affordable video production and content management capabilities,” said said Nick Tangborn, CEO of Otter Network. “We’ve created tools that connect you with your audience, make your business virtual, and drive new revenue, all on one platform.”

The Otter Director solution is designed for multi-camera video shoots or live streams using any iPhone or Android device. It gives users the power to stream or record footage on up to four devices simultaneously anywhere in the world, switch camera angles seamlessly with the press of a button, stream content in live and easily modify it in post-production.

Teleport is positioned as a new way for creators and large enterprises with established content, audiences or subscribers to recoup lost revenue and better monetize their video content.

It gives businesses — and individual creators with large, loyal audiences — a single place to store and secure video libraries from multiple platforms, Otter said.

Teleport and Otter Director are now available for a demo and a free trial, respectively.

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