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Shocking video shows rodent rushing into Tesco’s net screen leaving customer ‘feeling sick’

Hide and squeak: Shocking video shows rodent rushing into Tesco’s net display leaving customer ‘feeling sick’

  • The video was allegedly filmed at Tesco in Birmingham’s New Street Station
  • It shows the creature rushing into the store and hiding in the crusty shelf
  • A commuter said he ate crisps, leaving crumbs on the floor
  • A Tesco spokesman said staff found no evidence of rodents in the store

A video apparently showing a rodent wriggling around in a Tesco display has left a shopper saying he ‘felt sick’.

The shocking clip was captured last week at Birmingham’s New Street Station.

In the video, the animal can be seen perching on the side of a crusty plastic shelf, hesitating for a moment, before rushing inside the shelf.

The rodent then disappears from view before reappearing in another video clip.

A shopper said the animal chewed on packets of crisps and left crumbs on the floor.

The video shows a small gray rat darting towards the crispy shelf, before scurrying into the display of a Tesco store in Birmingham New Street Station

The furry creature takes refuge under the shelves again before rushing across the workshop floor to the refrigerated section.

A commuter who spotted the rodent claimed it was a rat and had chewed on packets of crisps leaving crumbs on the floor.

Speaking about the incident, they said: ‘I felt sick walking into this Tesco every day.

“I could see the rats in the chips making holes in it.

‘They must have been there for a while as there is always a trail near the crisps of unopened bags of crisps which are never cleaned.

A Tesco spokesperson says staff found no signs of rats in the store

A Tesco spokesperson says staff found no signs of rats in the store

“I was waiting for the Tesco to open, the store is supposed to open at seven but I was registering the rat at fifteen while the store was still closed.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: ‘We take food hygiene very seriously and apply rigorous hygiene standards in all our stores.

“Since becoming aware of this video, we have been closely monitoring any potential pest activity and have found no evidence of pests in our store.”