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Star Wars Animated Video Shows the Evolution of Boba Fett’s Armor

A new video from Tell It Animated details the evolution of Boba Fett’s armor while serving as a comprehensive lesson in Star Wars history.

A new star wars video details the evolution of Boba Fett‘s armor in film and television. In 1978, Boba technically made his non-canonical debut in the Star Wars Holiday Special, in which he wore light blue and pale yellow armor. However, the character’s first green and yellow appearance on the big screen was in the 1980s. The Empire Strikes Back-where he was portrayed by Bulloch and voiced by Jason Wingreen. Despite Boba’s limited screen time and supposed demise in the sequel, 1983’s Return of the Jedihe became one of star wars‘ the most emblematic characters.

Boba would return in George Lucas’ prequel trilogy, in which he was played by Daniel Logan. In attack of the clones (2002), the character is revealed to be a genetic clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett (Morrison) – whose blue and silver armor would eventually turn green and rustic in the original trilogy. Until recently, Boba hadn’t appeared in a live-action project since Episode II. Of course, there were also animated and video game iterations of the characters before Disney+. The Mandalorian– who finally brought Boba back from the depths of that Sarlacc pit and groomed him for his own series, Boba Fett’s Book. But throughout, Boba’s armor, helmet, gauntlets, grappling hooks, flamethrowers, jetpacks, and capes have been a key aspect of each of his appearances.


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say it animated on YouTube shared a video detailing the evolution of Boba Fett’s on-screen look. Given the character’s long history and variety of portrayals, it’s no surprise that the bounty hunter’s armor, weapons, and accessories have changed a lot over the years. Check out the animated video in space below:

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This video features costumes ranging from Boba’s original design as an Imperial Super Soldier in The Empire Strikes Back for his Tusken Raiders look when searching for his long-lost armor during the events of The Mandalorian. The final, refurbished look of the character in Boba Fett’s Bookalthough inspired by his iconic green, yellow and red coloring, is actually quite different from what he was in 1980. If the video above shows one thing, it’s that Boba’s armor is also synonymous of star wars like lightsabers, X-wings, and the Millennium Falcon itself.

It is interesting to look at these different Boba Fett costumes and think about how much thought goes into creating an iconic look and, therefore, character. Disney/Lucasfilm has certainly done an admirable job of improving Boba’s armor in recent years; giving it a fresh feel while paying homage to what came before. That said, many fans took issue with Boba removing his helmet and/or armor in Boba Fett’s Book— which isn’t as much of a discredit to Morrison’s performance as it is to the iconography of his character’s armor.

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Source: Say it animated/YouTube

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