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Stranger Things BTS Video Shows How Vecna ​​Came To Life

by Netflix stranger things introduced Season 4’s big bad, called Vecna ​​by the Hawkins crew and later revealed as One. What many fans didn’t see coming, however, was the fact that Vecna ​​wasn’t created using CGI, and the makeup department spent hours every day transforming the look. actor Jamie Campbell Bower as this season’s villain.

Netflix has released a behind-the-scenes video from the set of stranger things which shows the make-up and prosthetics team hard at work bringing Vecna ​​to life. The time-lapse video shows Bower stepping into the makeup chair, and that’s where the magic begins. Led by Barrie Gower, an artist who specializes in makeup effects and prosthetics, the team then work on the meticulous details of the villain’s appearance, ensuring they get every groove, vein and inch of saggy skin.


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The 40 seconds stranger things the clip shows the team starting with Bower’s head and shoulders. They move slowly over his back, chest and the rest of his body. All the while, Bower is thankfully able to drink his coffee and be on his phone, scrolling, potentially playing a game, and even making calls. It’s a pretty interesting sight when Bower starts texting someone towards the end of the clip, because her makeup is almost done by this point, and it makes it look like Vecna ​​is ready to get in touch. with the world.

Once most of the prosthetics are on Bower, the team then moves on to airbrushing and painting. Bower walks over to a bar stool and is surrounded by makeup artists touching up the prosthetics strapped all over her body. The color must be perfect and everything is done in pre-production. After the makeup is complete and the time-lapse is complete, the scene switches to Vecna ​​in Upside Down, as seen in the final season of stranger things. He stands in the same place where he brings Sadie Sink’s Max, just before Hawkins’ crew discovers his weakness and can help him escape.

Close-up images of Bower’s makeup and prosthetics were also later revealed, offering insight into the details of the team’s work. Seeing Vecna ​​onscreen could have made it look like Bower was dressed in a green suit and the villain’s appearance was added using CGI. But, Netflix chose to take the more natural route instead and made sure Vecna ​​looked as real as possible.

stranger things season 4 vol. 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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