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Terrifying video shows great white shark CHOMPING family’s boat after circling for an hour

A video has surfaced online that looks like a scene from “Jaws.” And rightly so! An Australian family had an intimate and personal encounter after a gigantic great white shark bit into their boat’s engine. The images are currently making waves on social media platforms.

David Tuckfield, the Australian on the boat, was believed to have been fishing with his wife Tanya and 14-year-old son Shelby when the great white shark circled their boat for nearly an hour before mauling engine. “We had a big deep visitor, nice size…white pointer,” Tuckfield told 9News. The Australian family was off Mandurah, near south of Perth.


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The predator approached the 24ft boat in an attempt to snatch the teenager’s hold. In the clip, the great white shark, which Tuckfield assumed was 14ft long, can be seen piercing behind the boat with its mouth wide open while the woman can be heard letting out a loud cry as she has saw the predator.

The clip further shows the apex predator biting into the engine with its terrifying jaws. Tuckfield said: “He tried to pull a piece off the engine – we were mesmerized.” According to our information, he had never seen a shark of such size or such closeness despite the fact that he was a regular fisherman in the area. After almost an hour of circling the ship, the great white shark bit the boat’s engine several times, before finally swimming away.

No matter how awful the encounter may seem to netizens, the Tuckerfields called it the highlight of their Easter weekend. “We don’t appreciate them until you see them up close, and that’s their playground,” Tuckfield said.

One Twitter user said: “It’s hardly a concern. It’s not like they’re in the water with the shark and they should have at least understood that if they were fishing, especially if it’s was a successful fishing trip, there’s every chance he’d catch something. Especially in these waters.”

A few months ago, in February 2022, several beaches in Sydney were closed after a great white shark attacked and killed a swimmer. It was the first brutal death on the city’s beaches in nearly six decades.

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