Video shows

The Car Prowl video shows why you lock your doors! (Richeland)

Richland Police say a suspected prowler has been identified less than a day after the incidents.

Richland Police say this person broke into multiple vehicles in the 2300 block of Hood Ave. very early Wednesday morning June 29th. specific the time wasn’t listed, but in the surveillance video it still looks like it’s dark outside.

According to the police, the suspect tried a door, it was locked and went to the next one.

This video, in addition to being very clear (it was able to give a good overview to citizens and someone or people called Police) illustrates why you ALWAYS lock your vehicle especially if it is outside. As Richland Police stated:

“This video shows how taking a few simple steps can prevent you from becoming a victim of crime. The suspect leaves the locked car and walks straight into the unlocked car without any problems.”

They, along with other law enforcement agencies, are also urging people never to leave anything in their vehicle that they don’t want to part with. Well, maybe not on those terms. But NEVER leave anything of value or sensitive personal information in a vehicle unattended outside, even if it’s locked.

But in this case, RPD says the suspect has been identified, now they are looking for him. Good job, citizens!

The RPD video from the surveillance camera is below.


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