Video shows

The video shows that it is possible to finish it without walking

ymfah, a popular YouTuber with over 970,000 subscribers, created a video explaining how this is possible. Complete Dark Souls 3 without ever walking. The challenge, in addition to a lot of patience, requires the use of specific weapons, skills and exploration strategies.

First, let’s decide which one Basic rules: Dark Souls 3 character cannot be walked, i.e. cannot use motion inputs (left analog stick or WASD, not even other reset keys of course). Everything else is allowed, but this rule creates “problems”. First of all, it is not possible to do rolls that require the sense of movement. Stairs that require “up” and “down” movement also cannot be used.

Before we get to that, the problem is simply To transfer. The solution of the ymfah is to use a short weapon, the knives, which allow you to move forward one step with each shot. Additionally, they have the ability to move quickly which allows them to perform movement in the direction they are facing. To change direction, you can use the enemies bolt or bow, which when aiming changes the direction the Dark Souls 3 character is facing.

The video is too long to comment on every move and battle strategy. On average, a character should be Use a few “tricks” Like ranged poisoning to take out specific enemies without making them aggressive, or using spells and rings to become almost completely invisible and silent and defeat specific enemies. In addition, Dark Souls 3 allows you to overcome a fatal fall if, by activating anti-fall magic, you exit the game quickly by touching the ground. Instead of returning to fire, restarting the game shows you where you fell, but are still alive.

Also it can be used special skill From a bow to hit certain bosses from outside the fog, in order to eliminate them safely or, in one case, block their AI and be able to enter and defeat the enemy without their reaction. One of the most difficult passages connects to the Profane Capital and Upper Lothric – both areas in Dark Souls 3 require the use of a ladder to access them. In this case, ymfah, in conjunction with a second player who should be an invader version, uses a bug that – said frivolously – removes the player’s gravity and allows him to use environment polygons to move his position vertically , then start flying and overcoming certain areas, until you defeat a boss in the basement.

Youtube Don’t beat all the bosses, especially those in the first DLC as there are far too many stairs, but overall I was able to beat most of Dark Souls 3 without triggering any motion input. It’s a remarkable feat, both in practice and because it took extensive research to find viable strategies.

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