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Touching video shows young boy who went shoving as he walked home, he had a shovel, bucket, bag, many react

  • A touching video captured the moment a young boy who had probably gone hustling returned home after a day’s work
  • The young boy had a shovel, a bucket and a large bag, leading many to suggest that the boy went to work as a laborer on a construction site.
  • Although the identity of the boy is not yet confirmed, he was alone without an adult, which is why some have concluded that he left alone.

A video showed a young boy returning home after what appeared to be a hard day’s work at a construction site.

Although the identity of the boy is not yet known, it is suggested that he went to fend for himself especially since there was no adult with him.

The boy walked alone. Photo credit: @saintavenue_.
Source: Instagram

He had tools with him

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The tools he had with him also suggested that he may have been hustling at a construction site.

He had a shovel, a bucket, and a large bag hanging from his back as he walked alone.

Netizens rushed to see the video as it has been viewed countless times, with some lamenting that the boy is too young to hustle.

Watch the video below:

Instagram users react

@don_drailes said:

“Is it our overseas people who start small with the school uniform?”

@nba.lifestyle147 reacted:

“Failed Country Great Citizens.”

@biggiestbiggie commented:

“It’s neither a book nor a book you assume you know how to work by hand.”

@coprakary said:

“The street is kul .na just naughty human being.”

@nadmedics commented:

“This boy is supposed to go to school but Nigeria let him down.”

Little girl shows makeup skills

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In the related story, reported that a young girl showed off her makeup skills, leading many to wonder how she learned it.

But the girl’s mother said she learned the job for at least two weeks before showing her skills.

With the way she did her makeup in front of a mirror, many people said that she behaved like a professional makeup artist. Many showered the girl with endless praise and admiration.

After watching the video which was shared on Instagram, some adult ladies offered to learn under the little girl and also get their makeup done by her for a fee.