Video shows

Video shows friend stealing money from groom’s wreath

The video left the Internet in several parts.

The internet often comes up with amazing videos, which make people laugh. One such image making the rounds on Twitter shows a man stealing money from his friend’s garland – the groom – at a wedding.

The date or location of the wedding was not revealed in the video. It shows the groom, surrounded by people, listening to what his loved ones are saying. That’s when his friend, sitting right next to the groom, tries to grab some banknotes from the garland he’s wearing.

The groom turns around once and his friend stops. But as soon as he gets busy listening to the conversation again, the friend quickly grabs a few banknotes and keeps them in his pocket.

The video left the Internet in fractions.

“Theft of Indian money,” said one user. “That’s business,” added another.

Since being shared a day ago, the video has been viewed almost a million times.

A few weeks ago, a video of a bride eating momos before the wedding went viral on social media.

The video was uploaded by the bride herself and shows her fully dressed for her big day and adorned with jewelry. While waiting for the ceremony to begin, she sees a plate of the famous steamed delicacy in front of her.

The woman takes a bite and starts dancing excitedly.

In January, a video uploaded to Instagram went viral showing a bride surprising her husband-to-be at the wedding. varmala ceremony.

Even when dressed in her heavy bridal lehenga, she bends backwards into an arch, making it difficult for her future husband to put the garland around her neck.

Many on social media called her “yoga teacher” and “Matrix Dulhan“.