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Video shows intense shooting at Wellston Market; armed men wanted

WELLSTON, Mo. – This looks like footage straight out of a movie. It’s a shootout that takes place in the middle of busy Page Avenue in mid-afternoon.

Wellston residents making a simple run to the store found themselves surrounded by gunfire. Investigators are asking for the public’s help in locating three of the gunmen in the May 27 shooting.

The incident began with an unidentified man entering Wellston Market at around 2:30 p.m. carrying an AR-15 rifle. Although he is armed, he is about to be robbed.

He walks over to a cell phone kiosk where another man notices the gun. In the video, you can see the second person pic around the corner to get a good look. He then exits and prepares to steal the man’s AR-15.

Outside, the robber puts a gun to the back of the head of the man with the rifle. The thief makes him hand over the gun. The victim grabs another gun from his own vehicle and begins shooting.

Two other people, who appear to be with the victim, join in the shooting.

“You can see the fear in the eyes of passers-by,” said Maj. Ron Martin of the North County Police Cooperative. “As a result, a young woman was shot in the stomach. She will survive. A vehicle was torn to pieces.

“There’s a lot going on in this incident and if we have people who maybe help us identify a few of these people, we can talk to them and piece it all together.”

Police eventually identified the thief, and the St. Louis County District Attorney’s Office charged 31-year-old Bobby Booker.

The other three shooters remain a mystery. They were inside a white Ford Focus. During the incident, they boldly parked in the middle of Page and stayed there for about another minute as they apparently tried to chase the thief away.

Martin described them as “…very comfortable, just sitting in the middle of Page Avenue, firing shots from the car and their associates firing shots from behind the cars. They are really comfortable; like they weren’t worried about the police. They didn’t worry about anything. »

Police want details of this white Ford and anyone who may be associated with this vehicle. They also believe there were clues to the shooters from the colored jackets they wore.

“Maybe there’s someone in your audience who will know who these people are, because we really want to talk to them,” Martin said. “There are a lot of unanswered questions.”

You can leave an anonymous tip to the North County Police Cooperative Criminal Investigation Bureau online or contact the department on its Facebook page.