Video shows

Video shows man being shot outside busy Hamilton shops

Dramatic video shows an incident where a shot was allegedly fired on a busy Hamilton shopping street on Friday night.

On Saturday morning, police said they were investigating after the incident was reported to them at 5.30pm on Friday when a firearm was “allegedly discharged”.

Video taken from a passing vehicle, and posted on TikTok, showed two groups of people facing each other outside a store on Bader Street. Some of the men are wearing leather jackets that appear to have gang crests on them.

A single loud bang could then be heard with an explosion visible on the ground. A man with a red bandana among several others could be seen running away.

In an updated statement on Saturday afternoon, police appealed to the public for any footage filming the ‘verbal altercation’ which occurred between the two groups ‘immediately before a shot was fired. “.

There are several businesses on Bader Street including a dairy, grocery store, laundromat next to where the apparent incident happened. A kindergarten is also located across the road.

Acting Senior Detective Sergeant Ian Foster said he was “extremely lucky” no one was injured in the incident. He said there was an increased police presence in the area “as investigators followed a number of investigative leads”.

“This behavior is not acceptable, and it’s extremely fortunate that no one was hurt,” he said.

“We are also asking for any phone or CCTV footage that captured the incident, including a verbal altercation between two groups outside shops and just before a shot was allegedly fired.”

A shopkeeper at a high street grocery store, Kiwi Fresh, told 1News she heard a “big bang” and initially thought there might have been a car crash nearby.

She said she had seen fighting in the street before and the street itself was “notorious”, but it was the first time she had heard what she thought were gunfire.

“I think we heard [a shooting] for the first time in the market area,” she said. “It’s not safe, the bullet could have gone to any store.”

The local shopkeeper said her store was busy at the time of the incident and it was peak time for street businesses.

“We have a big queue of shops in this area and I think a lot of people come in the evening after finishing work.”

She said she feared the incident would give the area a “bad name”.

Another business owner told 1News he also did not see the alleged shooting, but then saw several police officers inspecting parts of the street.

“We could see cops coming out and they were recording something.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police on 105, quoting case number 220430/0444, or anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.