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Video shows sickening moment bullied schoolboy is thrown to the ground after being punched

Warning: the video contains images of violence which may cause unrest

A video clip showed how a bullied schoolboy was knocked to the ground by an older boy. The eighth-year boy suffered a cut on his head and a chipped bone in his foot and was taken to hospital following the incident.

His mother claimed the 10-year-old boy shown in the video, which has been pixelated for legal reasons, has been making her son’s “life hell” since March this year, Wales Online reports.

Fallon Williams’ son Riley, 13, is an eighth grade student at Ysgol Bae Baglan. She claims she contacted the school about the bullying in March after Riley stood up to another student who bullied her friends. She said the two started pushing each other, but that was stopped “right away” with the parents also speaking out.

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“We just thought that was the end of that. They were really kids being kids,” Riley’s mother said. But then this boy [shown in the video] who is in 10th grade started making Riley’s life hell and Riley didn’t know him until now.

The clip shows Riley, dressed in a purple hoodie, being pushed towards a taller boy wearing a black t-shirt as other students look on. The boy in the black t-shirt says, “Come on, hit me” before violently pushing Riley backwards. At this moment, Riley has his hands in his pockets. Riley then walks over to the boy in the black T-shirt and a fight breaks out. The latter can be seen kneeing Riley in the stomach several times and later punching him twice in the face, with the second punch knocking him to the ground. Students can be heard watching screaming in the background of the video.

Riley Williams, 13, was on crutches for a few days after the incident

Fallon says the fight broke out after the 10-year-old boy and other students took a ball from Riley. “That older boy then started pushing Riley and started beating [him] up,” she said. Fallon claimed the Grade 10 student ‘wasn’t supposed to be out[side]while Years 8 and 9 have lunch at different times from Years 7, 10 and 11. “That boy who beat my son was also attending school,” she said.

Following the April 25 incident, Fallon said Riley phoned his niece to pick him up from school because she and her other child were hospitalized for surgery at the time. “The moment my niece arrived at school to pick him up, that’s when the teachers came in. There were no teachers there. No one had taken care of my son until my son went to the office. By the time they wiped the blood off him, my niece was walking into the school compound,” she said.

Riley was then taken to Neath Port Talbot Hospital before being sent to Morriston Hospital in Swansea. His mum said her son had a cut on his head and chipped a bone in his foot, meaning he had to use crutches and a boot for a few days after the incident.

Riley also suffered a cut to the head

Fallon said she and her son returned from the hospital that evening to receive videos of the incident from parents that she said were circulating on social media. She added that she had a meeting with the school the next day.

“Basically, they were like they had to follow procedure, they had to follow procedure. They gave me support at first, but over time the support just disappeared,” she said.

It is understood that the Year 10 student has been suspended until a meeting is held to discuss whether or not he will be permanently expelled. Fallon said a meeting was scheduled for May 19 but was pushed back to June 8.

Initially, Riley stayed home after the incident, Fallon said. “The poor boy went down to the beach the next day with his friends to get some crisps and when he was on the beach he came across five kids there taking the mick and yelling at him,” he said. she declared.

Riley’s mum says he chipped a bone in his foot during the incident

“He locked himself in – he didn’t want to come out for a while. He started going back to school for two hours, but we decided to bring him back until this meeting is over and dusted off because Riley doesn’t know if this boy is going to come back or not.

She added: “We phoned the police [the night of April 25]. The policeman came out. To be honest, he didn’t really seem to care. My argument is [Riley] could have died from a punch. Whether [the Year 10 pupil] caught him at the right angle, he could have killed him and I would have had my son buried today.”

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Fallon continued, “I don’t feel safe, I really don’t feel safe. This boy was supposed to take lessons for [my son] was having dinner, so why is it okay for him to leave school to beat up my child? My argument is that if he did this to my child today, who will be tomorrow? »

A spokesperson for Neath Port Talbot Council said: “All appropriate disciplinary proceedings in relation to this incident are ongoing. As a local authority, we do not tolerate any act of violence in any form and we support the school, whom we trust, to deal with the incident appropriately and vigorously. The school has a very strict anti-bullying policy and incidents of violence are rare. We must now allow the due process that is in place to continue without prejudging the outcome. South Wales Police have been contacted for comment.

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