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Video shows Tesla added center screen tilt feature to new Model S and Model X refresh vehicles


An interesting new video has surfaced on Twitter that shows a Tesla Model S design refresh center touchscreen tilting to both the driver and passenger sides. Interestingly, this feature was controlled through the center display’s user interface itself, confirming that this feature is officially from Tesla.

Since this video was posted on Twitter, I asked the poster several questions like production month and software update version but he just said “it’s from the factory”. Maybe it’s because he got his hands on a new, recently factory-built Model S for a brief time and couldn’t verify all that information.

However, reputable member of the Tesla community Ryan McCaffery, citing his sources working for the automaker, said that Tesla has started making tilting screens for new Model S/X vehicles currently being manufactured at the Fremont plant. Ryan posted this tweet on April 30, so it’s safe to believe that new Model S/X vehicles built since the last week of April 2022 have center screen tilt functionality (awaiting official confirmation) .

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Since the video (below) shows that the screen swivel mechanism is controlled from the central touchscreen UI, Tesla will enable this feature through a future software update. The software and user interface we see in this video are factory versions for testing purposes and have not been released to the public yet.

The UI we see in this video clip will add new center display tilt/side-rotate icons to the Controls section.

Video: Tesla Model S Design Refresh Center Touchscreen Tilt Demonstration (Ignore opening the electric frunk as it is an aftermarket add-on from @TeslaFrunk) .

When Sandy Munro and his team of engineers took apart a Tesla Model S Plaid and thoroughly examined the functions of the center display, they discovered that it had most of the mechanisms to be able to articulate both to the driver and passenger sides – which we saw in the video above (detailed teardown video below).

But in the new design, Model S/X cars produced last year and at least in the 1st quarter of this year are not equipped with the motor necessary to rotate the screen to the side. With the later production models of the S and X, Tesla began installing the motors to enable the screen tilt functionality.

Since screen space and rotation mechanisms were still present in the new 2021/2022 Model S and Model X vehicles (AWD and Plaid both variants), Tesla is expected to offer owners an engine upgrade. existing of these vehicles.

From Q2 2021 to Q1 2022 Tesla (TSLA) produced 38,608 new Tesla Model S and Model X cars with a renewed design. At least these cars as well as some cars built in April will need to have the center screen’s rotary motor to activate the tilt feature.

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Video: Sandy Munro’s team analyzes the adjustment of the central touchscreen of the Model S Plaid (tilt/rotation).