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Video shows violent crash involving dump truck on Ohio highway

Terrifying footage showed a dump truck in Ohio slamming into another vehicle parked on the shoulder of a busy highway and causing an explosion.

The incident happened just after 7:20 a.m. Thursday on I-77 in Akron, after an Ohio Department of Transportation vehicle stopped to pick up trash from the roadway.

The unnamed ODOT employee was still sitting in the car when a dump truck veered out of its lane and slammed into the parked vehicle without ever appearing to slow down, footage shows.

The impact produced an explosion and engulfed the two vehicles in a ball of fire, sending orange flames and thick black smoke into the morning sky.

Half a dozen motorists pulled over to help the victims, News 5 Cleveland reported.

Both drivers were taken to hospital.
The impact produced an explosion of fire.
The impact produced an explosion of fire.

Summit County Sheriff’s Deputies who were called to the scene had to extract the drivers from both vehicles.

At a press conference held in front of the burned wreckage, ODOT District 4 Deputy Gery Noirot described the injured staff member as a married father and grandfather, and said that this was “nothing less than a miracle that he survived”.

Noirot added that the injured man had been with the department for a decade and was on his way to retrieve a piece of equipment when the accident happened.

CCTV footage shows the moments leading up to the accident.
CCTV footage shows the moments leading up to the accident.

“It was horrible to see that crash. And to think he survived that… someone was clearly watching him,” Noirot told reporters.

ODOT released a statement on its Facebook page on Thursday revealing that the morning accident marked the 82nd time one of its crews had been hit so far this year.

“We are extremely lucky he is alive,” the agency said of its injured driver.