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Video shows woman pouring beer on Karol G after concert

In a video that recently emerged, a concertgoer appeared to pour beer over Karol G after his performance. Well, that’s one way to rewatch a show.

Going to a concert is supposed to be a fun experience, you know? You listen to good music, have fun, enjoy the night. Yeah, sometimes it’s a bust, but we usually reserve the right to express our displeasure when we’re back and tweeting.

Not this particular Karol G fan, though.

In a recently emerged video, a concertgoer appears to throw beer at Karol G after his performance. Taken in Medellin, Colombia, the video shows Karol ushered into a crowd by security and waving to fans. Passing a particular section, a woman empties her beer glass on the singer’s head.

For the moment, it is not known if the spectator of the concert has been apprehended. In the video, Karol appears shocked and taken aback by the action, but continues to move fans and greet them.

People commenting on the tweet, originally posted by popcravewasted no time in expressing their displeasure.

A fan posted another video of the same incident from a different angle, praising Karol for carrying on and continuing to greet fans despite what happened.

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“Seriously, Karol G is not from this planet, they threw this drink in her face and what she did was shake and keep waving and smiling at people who went to see her,” said said the tweet (translated).

“What amazes me is why come to a concert just to do that? You spent your hard earned money just to come to this show and not like the artist and then throw your drink at him? She’s out there playing and making money with this woman, so in the end, who really wins? said another user.

People also disputed that the incident happened after Karol had just treated hundreds of fans to his music for free – as a clarified userit was a performance open to all in public.

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Check out the full video:

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