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Video shows Yadier Molina’s wild talent behind the plate

(Photo by Joe Puetz/Getty Images)

Yadier Molina may be well past his prime, but he’s still a viable receiver and continues to get the job done for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Sunday night at Wrigley Field was no exception.

After catching seven two-run innings from Adam Wainwright, he caught four innings from reliever Genesis Cabrera as the Cards rallied from a late deficit to win 5-3 in 11 innings and take the Cubs’ series from Chicago.

With one out and a runner at third in the bottom half of the 11th, Cabrera lost control of a pitch and he nearly hit Jason Heyward in the head, but Molina lay down, reaching Heyward’s head to catch the capricious terrain.

Codify Baseball tweeted a video of Molina’s play, highlighting the extreme athleticism of one of the best catchers to ever play the game.

Yadi strikes again

This is an amazing piece from Molina.

Heyward barely ducked, but if Molina didn’t catch him, the runner on third scored and made it 5-4.

Even at 39, Molina still manages to get the job done.

What sometimes gets swept under the rug is his sheer athleticism.

This guy is pushing 40 and still making amazing plays.

Above all, he is an intelligent player.

He knows how to compete and has such an affinity for the game of baseball.

It’s second nature to him and it should never be a surprise to see him continue to quit the run game and make crazy plays.

The fact that he was crouching and had to stretch this far to catch that throw is impressive.

But rarely anything escapes Molina.

He will always find a way to put his baseball knowledge to use in key situations.