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Viral TikTok video shows queer designer chosen as ‘Bridgerton’ diamond

Best friends Matthea Nava and Tea Elani have always dreamed of dressing up and going to a prom together, and they finally got the chance this month for a performance inspired by the Netflix period drama “Bridgerton.” .

In the show, the Queen chooses a “diamond” – the most charming and beautiful bachelorette – at the first ball of each dating “season”.

To be chosen as a diamond is a great honor, and it makes the chosen woman more coveted by singles of the season.

Friends Matthea Nava, left, and Tea Elani pose at ‘Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience’.Elani tea

“Bridgerton” fans can now experience the diamond selection for themselves with an immersive performance titled “The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience,” which will travel to four cities through June. The performance was created by Shondaland, Netflix and event company Fever.

At a recent show in Los Angeles, Nava was chosen as the season’s diamond, and Elani captured the moment in a now-viral TikTok video.

“It was like the best thing ever,” said Nava, who uses the pronouns she and they. “I literally get emotional now remembering it. I’ve never been so validated with a moment, with a scene of actors.

Nava, 24, attended the prom as a birthday present from Elani, her best friend of four years, whom she met at a college production of the musical “Hair.” (The two love “Bridgerton” so much they made an inspired music video for it.)

Nava said during the performance in Los Angeles this month, the Queen inspected the room for a diamond. Two actors on the dance floor with the Queen portrayed British nobles, and Nava thought the Queen would choose one of them.

“At one point, the queen looks around, because she’s not sure she wants to choose an actress, and she looks around, she looks around, then she points at me. “, Nava said. “And that’s where all the magic happens.”

Elani’s TikTok video, which had more than 7 million views late Tuesday afternoon, shows Nava taking the two actors’ hands and approaching the Queen. Elani shouts out for Nava and says excitedly, “She’s my best friend!”

Matthea Nava descends a staircase at
Matthea Nava descends a staircase at the ‘Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience’.Mathea Nava

Nava bows and the queen waves her on stage. She bows gracefully, then glittering confetti falls from the chandelier.

“And in that moment, oh, I knew I had to make them dizzy,” Nava recalled. She twirls and the crowd applauds.

The video received more than 17,000 comments on Tuesday. “The whirlwind gives princess diaries and I’m obsessed,” one person said, referencing the 2001 Disney film. Another said, “Amazing…now I’m in tears.” It’s nice to see queer representation.

Nava said the response on TikTok has been “beyond anything I could have expected”.

“It made me feel very special, because lately life hasn’t made me feel that way,” she said.

As a transfeminine, she says, she is threatened “all the time.” She is also trying to kick-start her acting career, but she said productions have been canceled several times due to Covid-19. She’s a clothing designer and seamstress on the side — skills she learned by watching YouTube videos. She designed her and Elani’s dresses for the ball.

“I always say I have to create my own magic in this world, and this world is very bad and corrupt,” she said. “And so in times when you can’t find it, you have to do it yourself, and unfortunately I always had to.”

Elani said she wasn’t surprised Nava was cast, because “I always saw Matthea as a diamond, as a princess.”

Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” inspired this dress Matthea Nava created for her friend Tea Elani’s “Bigerton” music video, inspired by “Bridgerton.”Mathea Nava

“It wasn’t surprising to me, but it was when the glitter fell that I really started to get a little emotional, because I’ve watched her travel with her gender and her sexuality for the past few years,” Elani said. “So just to see that moment and just to see that smile on his face, it really meant the world to me.”

Some of the commentators applauded Nava’s poise and confidence, and for that Nava credited words of encouragement from his late grandmother, “the matriarch of our family”, who was the first person to validate his sex.

“She said, ‘Take a deep breath and just be brave,'” Nava said, claiming her grandmother only spoke Italian. “I’ve always tried to carry myself with the poise and elegance that I’ve always seen her exude. And that, honestly, is, for me, my coping mechanism for trying to think clearly: I take a deep breath, I stand with my shoulders back, and I try to stay as calm as possible and move forward. It takes courage. You have to do it.

Matthea Nava, originally from Italy, visiting Florence.
Matthea Nava, originally from Italy, visiting Florence.Mathea Nava

She had similar advice for young LGBTQ people. She encouraged them to “ignore everyone” and “paint” and “change” their lives however they want.

“What I think is so beautiful, if you identify as queer, you can paint your life honestly,” she said. “And I say that because when you’re queer, there’s something fundamental that unlocks, that tells you that you can discover yourself a little more than most people in society.”

Nava said that since the video was shared on social media, she has received messages from people who want her to make dresses for them. “And I was like, ‘Oh my God, yes,'” Nava said. “Let me be everyone’s fairy godmother.”

She said she would also like the opportunity to bring more queer representation to “Bridgerton.” One person commented on the TikTok video, “The only queer storyline Bridgerton will give us,” with a laughing emoji.

“All I’m going to say is I’m here, and I’m available for seasons three and four, and I would love to be the queer representation,” Nava said with a laugh. She added that she loves everything Shonda Rhimes writes and “wouldn’t be surprised” if she made a queer love story the main storyline for a future season. “But who knows?” she says. “I’m available, so call me.”

Matthea Nava and Tea Elani at
Matthea Nava and Tea Elani at ‘Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience’ in Los Angeles.Elani tea

Elani said that now that she and Nava have fulfilled their dream of going to prom, they hope to go to the Met Gala in the future. She said their experience at “Queen’s Ball” showed her that they were meant to be friends and “meant to manifest that together, and the universe kind of brought us together.”

“It just helps solidify that friendship even more,” she said.

Performances of “The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience” can be booked in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC and Montreal.

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