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Watch: This video shows why India doesn’t need ‘robotic automation’

While the world is rapidly moving towards automation, in India a lot of things are still done manually. A recent video shared by Erik Solheim, a former Norwegian diplomat, shows how many Indians perform their tasks with almost robotic precision and coordination.

In a 53-second video shared by Solheim, a group of men can be seen rapidly cutting and stacking cabbages. The undated video, which appears to have been shot at a wholesale vegetable market, shows the men filling an entire bag of cabbage in less than a minute.

While sharing the video, Solheim wrote, “This is why India doesn’t need robotic automation.….” So far, more than six million people have viewed the video.

Commenting on Solheim’s tweet, many people argued that bringing automation to a country like India, where there is no shortage of workers, will only lead to unemployment.

Arguing this point, one Twitter user wrote: “In a country where human capital is high, the biggest challenge is to engage them in such a way as to earn and live, otherwise they would take theft, drugs, etc. In such a country, automation needs to be moderate. Macroeconomics matters.”

Another person remarked, “Automation should be done where there is a need. Like high-risk jobs, jobs that require a lot of precision, etc. There is no point in automating everything. If everything is done by a machine, that means fewer jobs for people – > no income – > no purchasing power. No sales.