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Who is Stephen Smith? The video shows Madison Cawthorn with a friend’s hand on her crotch

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who has long been in the news for all the wrong reasons, has now been seen in a video getting her crotch felt by a male friend and staff member. The footage shows Cawthorn, 26, in a car with close friend and planner Stephen Smith, 23.

In the video, obtained by the Daily Mail, Cawthorn sits in the driver’s seat and says in an exaggerated accent, “I feel passion and desire and would like to see a naked body under my hands.” The camera then shows Smith, who says: “Me too”. Cawthorn can be heard laughing, after which Smith films himself reaching out and touching Cawthorn’s crotch.


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This video would be one of many exhibits filed in support of the ethics complaint written by the political group “Fire Madison Cawthorn”. A complaint has been filed with the Congressional Ethics Office, calling for an investigation into Cawthorn. The complaint also calls for an investigation into a slew of behavior that put Cawthorn on the wrong side of a host of house rules, the group alleged.

Who is Stephen Smith?

It has been alleged that Cawthorn provided Smith with thousands of dollars in loans and gifts. Smith is a staff member with whom Cawthorn has been accused of having an inappropriate relationship. The staff member is so close to Cawthorn that he even joined him on his honeymoon in Dubai in April 2021. Cawthorn reportedly provided free accommodation, travel and loans to Smith. None of these have been declared or reimbursed. Smith is allegedly living with Cawthorn, according to the complaint.

Smith’s Facebook profile says he attended Western Carolina University. His Biography Twitter reads: ‘I love my country, travel and good teeth.’

Cawthorn married Cristina Bayardelle, 27, in April 2021, just weeks after several former students of Patrick Henry College, the northern Virginia college he attended in 2016 for one semester, accused him of harassment sexual. At the time of their marriage, Cawthorn described his wife, who is an anesthetist assistant and CrossFit athlete, as “the greatest honor, privilege and adventure of my life.” Daily Mail said Smith lived at Cawthorn’s residence in Hendersonville, North Carolina throughout their brief marriage.

A Venmo payment history between Smith and Cawthorn from June 2018, attached to the ethics file, is full of notes attached to the payments. A payment made by Cawthorn to Smith the same year reads: “Undress for me in Sweden”. Another reads: “Things we did in Amsterdam”, and another says: “The quickie at the airport”.

It has been alleged that Cawthorn provided thousands of dollars in loans and gifts to Smith (Stephen Smith/Facebook)

Just days ago, Cawthorn was caught with a loaded gun at a North Carolina airport on Tuesday, April 26. The loaded Staccato C2 9mm handgun was found by Transportation Security Administration employees in Cawthorn’s bag during a security check at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The North Carolina Republican’s gun was recovered from Checkpoint D, the Charlotte Observer reported. He was cited for possession of a dangerous weapon on city property, the department said. Cawthorn was released but his gun was confiscated. Police said it was the only standard protocol for not arresting a passenger for a misdemeanor “unless there are other felony charges or associated mitigating circumstances”.