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YouTube launches new updates to its video player, adds automatic translation measures and changes subscription prices / Digital Information World

YouTube has launched a series of exciting new features as part of its new update. These include helping creators and users determine which parts are most popular in a video, as well as making major changes to the video player.

The platform recently announced how much it wants to provide information using a graph. This will allow a large number of people to easily assess and locate which parts have been viewed the most and how many times they have been viewed. Likewise, it will also simplify the whole process of finding specific parts of videos that they might be interested in.

The added feature is said to work in favor of so many people including viewers and creators especially when it comes to longer videos. This includes those that are not split into different segments using timestamps.

Previously, YouTube considered this to be part of its ongoing experimental phase which was only available to those who held the premium subscription right where subscribers could access it by logging into the new tab. Now, however, all users can benefit from the update as it is also for free users and is widely present on both desktop and smartphone versions.

We see a lot of creators intricately breaking down their content into smaller segments or chapters. Similarly, it’s not uncommon to find them linked via timestamps, but with a new chart feature in place, the process becomes so much easier and faster.

It’s pretty obvious that segments won’t always be able to benefit from correlating with timestamps, but it’s a great move in terms of usability.

Other than that, reviewers point out how much more beneficial it can be in terms of highlighting useful parts of a video or which ones have the most action. For example, some users might be more eager to find the segments most liked by others.

But don’t be fooled by the grayscale graphic, as it is very useful in nature and easily accessible via the red-toned playback bar. As you would expect, the higher the graph, the more replays as mentioned by YouTube. Also, the app goes the extra mile to indicate which part you reach the most viewed segments.

So far, user feedback is relatively positive with up to 85% mentioning how much they approve of the new addition. But at the same time, some creators have expressed concerns about how it might affect a user’s watch time of a video, but YouTube’s new research found no significant findings on this.

Apart from this, the company is also launching a support feature for its video chapters. For those who may not be aware, this is another term given for a segmentation tool released in May 2020.

Now, users will have the luxury of switching to any specific segment or perhaps even undergoing re-surveillance of that area. And the best part is that even since its recent release, YouTube allows automated generation of chapters with ratings. On average, more than 20 million YouTube videos already benefit from the feature.

For user convenience, YouTube says it is rolling out another cool option called Single Loop where a particular video can be looped as many times as your heart desires.

To access it, users can simply click on the menu bar selection which is used for video settings or for generating subtitles. Additionally, viewers can also see full-screen options for displaying panels that display all information related to a video.

Whether it’s comments, chapters, or video descriptions, users can find it all, including action buttons such as like, share, dislike, or add comments. Likewise, they can even include videos in their playlists through the full screen option.

Right now, YouTube is going through an experimental phase which should soon allow its users to benefit from a feature through which they can pinpoint a particular moment that they would like to see from the video of their choice. But again, Premium users will get their hands on it first, followed closely by others.

On the other hand, YouTube has also launched new analytics for its auto-translated subtitles. You see, as a creator, you are very keen to know what works best for your target audience and that’s why the app strives to show which captions are used the most through YouTube Analytics.

After seeing which language is most receptive to their audience, creators would work harder to deliver content related to it. And you can easily find it in the top caption audience tool.

Finally, YouTube allowed changes to creator subscription price guides. Previously, membership prices were capped at a maximum of $99 and if a creator wanted to increase it further, they would not be allowed to do so. Therefore, to understand was the call of the day. But now they can go up to $499.

That way, creators don’t have to worry about going down a tier to get the prize they want, because there’s so much room for selection. And the best part is that it’s available to all subscribed creators.

You can now find the new price guide in the Subscriptions tab of the Studio.

H/T: Insider Creator.

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